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  • Think Twice Before Agreeing to go on Title for your Family

    IT PAYS TO BE NICE… By: ANNA DANAJ Consider the following typical scenario in today’s real estate market: A young husband and wife wishes to purchase their first home and quickly find a great mortgage with an attractive interest rate. Unfortunately, the young couple does not Read More

  • One Size fits all does not apply to a Power of Attorney

    By: ANNA DANAJ It is not uncommon in our globalized society to know of someone who spends the majority of their time working or traveling outside of the country. Although this type of lifestyle may seem adventurous and sometimes envy-inducing it can pose some issues when Read More

  • How Are Household Contents Divided?

    When a couple decides to separate, there are many logistical issues to resolve.  One of these is how to fairly divide the “stuff” that they have accumulated during the course of their relationship. The starting point in these negotiations is to look at what each party Read More